Cozy boudoir portraits? Damn straight!

I’ve noticed that lots of boudoir photographers invite you into their space and they have you wear their lingerie and use their props and you get their makeup artist to doll you up. And lots of women enjoy that … but, lots don’t. I’ve had women tell me that they felt like they didn’t look like themselves or feel like themselves and that they were uncomfortable enough having a stranger and their team pose them in underwear that someone else had worn let alone doing all of this in a strange, office type space. I don’t do any of that.

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”

– Sophia Loren

Can boudoir really be cozy?

Once we chat about your vision for your session we set a date. You pick out what you’re comfy in. Maybe you buy something new, maybe you fall back on some cozy favorites. When I show up, it’s just me with my camera and a reflector. No harsh lighting and no helpful team members. If you want me to help with hair makeup, I offer that service for an additional fee. Otherwise you do yourself up the way you feel most beautiful. Your lingerie, your hair, your skin, your home. We can make it as casual or as sparkly as you like.

Want to have a conversation?

I love sitting down to talk about portraits over tea or coffee … or wine. If you don’t feel 100% sure yet, let’s just talk about it. No commitment, no fee. You can ask whatever you like and I’ll tell you all the juicy details. So, stop waiting and just reach out …

What’s holding you back, eh?

Boudoir FAQ


Only if you allow it. Along with my contract you will be asked to fill out a . This form will give you the opportunity to grant permission for me to share all, some of or none of your photos on my website / social channels. We don’t all feel comfortable sharing vulnerable images of ourselves online and I respect that. You get to tell me exactly how, when and if I can use your photos.


YES! YES! YES! I like breaking “rules”. Let’s make it uniquely YOURS. As a queer person, I want to affirm and celebrate you AS YOU ARE. I am a member of the Spartanburg chapter of PFLAG and work closely with the Uplift Outreach Center.


I love couples boudoir, I just don’t do it myself. I can refer you to others who do beautiful couples boudoir though!


Part of doing this type of work is everyone being comfortable with an arrangement. While I do photograph plenty of men, I do not photograph men in this capacity. If you are a guy who wants another type of session, I would love to hear more about your vision!